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Vanbuilt Models


Vanbuilt VS Panel Van

OPTIONS This is the first and only word that matters! With a standard LWB van you typically have around 15m3 (cbm) on paper, however with sloped sides/ply lining and curved roofs, how much space do you really have?

Ever tried to stand a wardrobe up? Ever tried to add ties rails and lost so much space? Ever had to make a second run as all the items wouldn’t fit?

Vanbuilt offer straight high side bodies all over 180cm, standing all items up straight. Tie rails come as standard on the ROOMSTER & WORKER models, Loading space from 25-30 cbm.

Vanbuilt VS Traditional Luton

No Sore Fuel Bill or Sore Back Traditional Luton vans are great for packing goods and offer similar payloads and cbm volumes as Vanbuilt models. However, that’s where it stops and Vanbuilt moves forward. With Vanbuilts low set chassis we can offer a significant saving on MPG, a typical 2016 Peugeot Boxer with a ROOMSTER body will return between 32-35mpg on daily mixed weight loads. As well as this obvious financial saving the biggest benefit is the loading height.

With a class leading load height of only 60cm, you will be able to save time and energy when loading and unloading vans. All ROOMSTER & WORKER models also come as standard with a bespoke loading ramp so one person deliveries become more and more practical.

Vanbuilt VS 7.5t Truck

Reduced Maintenance & Increased Productivity- With a massive 30 CBM volume VanBuilt are a top choice if you are thinking of a new 7.5t truck.


  • NO Six week Check
  • NO PSV for first 3 years of vans life
  • NO tachograph
  • NO heavy HGV road tax
  • NO sending it to a specialist to get serviced
  • NO need for a HGV
  • NO Speed Limiter
  • NO Heavy Fuel Bills


  • YES to delivering in all locations
  • YES to Saving Drivers time  & your money
  • YES to driving on car licence
  • YES to time reduction
  • YES to lower shipping costs
  • YES to high resale value